About Fossielvrij NL

The Fossil Free movement consists of hundreds of volunteers, 10 local and thematic groups and a small team of a few paid staff. We believe in the power of citizen power to build a safe climate and a better, just future.

Our mission is to build a strong, people-powered movement to break the power of the fossil fuel industry. This opens up space for a rapid, just transition to 100% renewable energy in the hands of communities.

Thanks in part to our movement, the public debate has shifted: the fossil fuel industry is no longer seen as part of the solution, but as part of the problem. And together, we have ensured that major public institutions have severed their ties with oil, coal and gas companies.

  • Pension fund ABP stopped investing in oil, coal and gas in 2021 after pressure from teachers, civil servants, young people and scientists.
  • We made global headlines with our landmark lawsuit against KLM's misleading green advertisements.

We are part of 350.org, a global movement of people like you and me, taking action for the end of the fossil fuel era, and for climate justice.