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We have the energy, motivation and plans to build an invincible climate movement. Now we need the money. So we need your help.

Our mission is to build a strong, people-powered movement to break the power of the fossil fuel industry. This opens up space for a fast and just transition to 100% renewables in the hands of communities.

Fossielvrij NL plays an essential role to connect, strengthen and train the Dutch climate movement. We have helped activists to build powerful campaigns for fossil free pensions, culture and education. Thanks to pressure from people like you and me, ABP – the largest pension fund in the Netherlands – has decided to divest from fossil fuels.

The urgency of the climate crisis is growing, but so is the momentum. Together, we can prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis, and build a future that works for all of us.

Will you help us? With small donations from people like you, we can make sure the big money starts rolling in the right direction. Donate now for a big and bold Fossil Free movement!

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Our crowdfunding is over. Thank you so much for all your donations! If you still want to donate, you can do that here. --- We won against FIFA! The Swiss advertising authority ruled we and our international allies were right: FIFA misled the public when it claimed the World Cup in Qatar was ‘carbon neutral’. Because it wasn’t. An important step, but not enough. We won’t stop here. Football should be fossil free! And we have the plans to make it happen. The climate crisis is escalating and time is of the essence. Unfortunately football still gives a platform to big polluters. That has to change. That's why we urgently need your help. We want Manchester City to stop letting its players be running billboards for Etihad Airlines. We want FIFA and UEFA to exclude polluting companies as sponsors. We want them to adopt serious climate policies to reduce emissions.  Together we can kick fossil fuel sponsors out of football and reorganise the football calendar. We’re a group of football fans pushing for serious climate action in football. In our first year we’ve put the issue on the agenda, locally and globally, with a lot of media coverage. Pressure is building, the attention is there, and the time is now. We can all play our role in fighting the climate crisis. With your help we can make football fossil free. Your support will be used to: Put pressure on FIFA, UEFA, clubs, and national football associations to kick out polluting sponsors; Push the media discussion on climate action in football; Mobilise other football fans for our cause, building a winning coalition. We believe in a world where football, with its gigantic platform, actively contributes to fighting the climate crisis. Do you share our belief? Join our movement today. We've had a successful first season. With your help, next season will be even better!
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